Long, long ago, in a world far, far away website developers had to code all their pages by hand using HTML.

Today, we have much more powerful tools called Content Management Systems (CMS).  Over 40% of the pages you visit today on the Internet are created in CMS.

This website is created in a CMS called Joomla.  There are other CMS, and the world's most popular is WordPress.  Over 25% of the word's webpages are hosted using WordPress.

Face it, what makes a website powerful and valuable is content.  Content is king.  So, you do not want to have to spend all your time writing arcane code in proper syntax to get your ideas and products online.  You want to easily and quickly get your message out.  CMS help you do that.  Once setup, these systems make it simple for you to post your thoughts, your photos or videos, your products and services and immediately see them appear online.

Just to be clear I'm talking about WordPress the CMS hosted at WordPress.org, not WordPress.com the blog hosting website.  There is a big difference.  

What I want to do is help you setup your own website using WordPress.  One you manage and control yourself so you can get your message out to the world and control your own online destiny.

Here's an example of a WordPress site I've created.