Technical help for the technically challenged. Special help for senior computer users.

Hello!  I'm Lance Bowman.  L. Bowman.  Elbowman!  I do...


I consider myself a "Senior" Technology Advisor.  

You know... 

That old guy who knows how to build that website.  Clean up that old PC that's running slower each day.  Setup that new PC and wireless network.  Properly configure your new entertainment system so it looks and sounds its best.

I'm here to help those who are threatened by technology but find themselves in need of it.  If you're older you probably know what I mean.  

But, I'm not just here to help other older folks.  I'm here to help anyone who needs help mastering their world.  And, I'm affordable!

 Now, the business world is behind me, and I'm here to help you solve your technology issues.  Got a new PC or Mac for Christmas?  I can help you set it up.  I'll help you load applications to help you compute safely and learn how to avoid pitfalls on the internet.  Got an old PC or Mac that's just not running as it used to?  I can help with that, too, cleaning out malware and virus, and optimizing your system to run as it should!  Need to get connected to the internet?  I'm here to get you setup and communicating, today!  Do you have a lot of music or photos you want to access easily and watch over your new HDTV and sound system?  Got you covered!  Do you have an HDTV, but need to get to that great content available on the internet?  I can help!  Does your group or organization need a website you can manage on your own?  I can do that! 

I've been a student of computers since 1984, when my company asked our office who wanted to try out that new thing called a personal computer.  My hand shot up! 

Since then I've learned how to use a PC and a Mac.  I've learned many, many applications by buying them, installing them, and using them to build valuable content.  I've learned how to install networks, both wired and wireless.  I've installed servers.  And, I've connected end users and offices to the internet.  I've built databases to provide corporations with rapid ways to look at their information, and share it via a data-driven website users can manage themselves.

Most of my expertise was built in the Corporate environment, but that set the stage for learning to help people with computer hardware and software, and learn how to use these tools.  Since I started out as an end user, I learned computing tools firsthand.  Then as my knowledge grew I learned how to speak technical terms, and how to communicate office needs to technologists to best build solutions for me and my office staff.  Then I learned how to talk to users and build the solutions myself, speeding development for my office and staff. Then I migrated to providing solutions to offices around my company in various states in the U.S.  The key to my success in the corporate world was learning how to use technology and speak the language, but never forgetting I was serving people who didn't need to know the details.  They just needed answers to their problems.