I'm a retired computer expert who has decades of experience with computers and networks. Look at this list. If the problem you're having is on it, I can help!

  • Got a New PC - Need help setting up a new PC, or coping with Windows 8, removing garbage programs, connecting to your printer, or the Internet
  • Got an Old Slow PC - Clean up an older PC that has become slow, make it run faster, add computer memory or a faster hard drive
  • Viruses and Malware - Remove viruses and malware that plague your PC, causing popups and slowdowns, or even lockouts
  • Backup - Backup your music, pictures, documents and other important files to flash drives, or external drives, and even to the Internet, before a problem occurs
  • Internet - Set up or troubleshoot your connection to the Internet, connecting and configuring Modems and Routers
  • Networks - Set up or troubleshoot your network, getting your computers, printers, laptops and smartphones on your network working together
  • Printers - Set up or troubleshoot a printer
  • Flash Drives or External Hard Drive - Learn how to use a Flash Drive, or an External Hard Drive, or even storage on the Internet (Cloud drive)

I work on a "donation" basis of $35-$50 an hour, depending on travel time. Here is a map of my service area. I am easy to work with. I am experienced working with complete beginners, and making them feel comfortable, going at their pace. Contact me, today!

Don't know your gigabyte from your terabyte? Or, your RAM from a hard disk? Or, your CPU from a Video card? Upgrading your hardware is often a solution to the slow PC problem.

Elbowman can...

Add RAM. Install a new video card. Replace your old hard drive with an electronic hard disk, called an SSD. Improve your system cooling by adding a better fan.

coolingfan hdmivideo ramm ssd

Need to setup a wireless network so you and your guests can access the internet from any room, or even from the back deck? Elbowman can do it!  Call him today!