Elbowman has many years of experience setting up home entertainment systems.

Yesterday, we had console TVs, possibly with a built-in radio and turntable.  

Or, if you're younger than that you might have had a component audio system and a free-standing TV.  One to play your music and the other to watch television shows. 

Today, there are many, many different choices to make when configuring an entertainment system.

Many people are looking at cord-cutting as a way to reduce their home entertainment expenses.  Elbowman can offer you alternatives to save you money! Get free HDTV signals using over-the-air antennas, just like in the olden days, to reduce the amount you pay to your cable or dish provider.

Get lower-cost entertainment from the Internet from alternative providers like Amazon, Netflix, and Hulu to your HDTV using tools like ROKU, Chromecast, Roku StreamStick, or Amazon FireStick.  There are so many choices!

Has it been a few years since you wired up a sound system?  Contact Elbowman!

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HDMI. Digital Audio Out. Composite Video. UHD-TV. HDTV. Streaming content. Roku. FireTV. GoogleTV. Chromecast. FireStick. RokuStick. Network Attached Storage. RJ45. Wired. Powerline adapters. Wireless. 802.11a, b, c, n, ac. Stereo. Surround Sound. Dolby Digital. Soundbar. Component Stereo.

What is all this?  How do I connect it all together to get the entertainment I want?  What's it going to cost? How do I connect it all together? Contact Elbowman!

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