Happy World Backup Day!!!!  Whoo HOOO!!!!

What?  You're not that excited?!  Why not?!

A backup of your PC today could save your rear-end, tomorrow.  I mean are you ready for your PC's hard drive to stop running?  What if your system takes an electrical spike?  Could you get back all your data?  Seriously.  What if you hit Delete, and all of sudden realize you didn't mean it?

Your data is your gold.  Your PC is your storage box.  If your storage breaks are you ready to lose your fortune, of music files, photographs, documents?  That's what will happen not if but when your PC crashes, or you lose a file you desperately need.

I rely on Bvckup2.  The backup utility, I think, that is the simplest most easy to use program of it's kind.  Making backups easy it Bvckup's goal.  Because we all know if it's not simple it won't get used.  

Bvckup2 runs in the background on your PC.  Once configured you won't even notice it's there.  Any time you add or change a file it will automatically create a backup copy.  It can backup your entire system.  It can backup only the changed files on your system.  Once configured it can perform multiple backups at the same time, say a full system backup once a month, at the same time it's peforming incremental backups of any changed file.  It can perform a full backup to one destination, while performing another backup to a different location.  It's just extremely versatile and easy. I know it works because I was on the beta program that helped Alex Pankratov of Pipemetrics SA fully test. Alex and his team are readily available to help you should you have questions or issues.  Find a feature that you don't think works properly, let them know.  A patch will be immediately created, or directions on resolving your issue will be available forthwith.

Today only, this inexpensive ($20) program can be purchased for 30% off.  See the ad below and click through to get a great program at a great price.  Use the discount code provided.Click on the discount code to automatically apply your price reduction.

Do it today, World Backup Day!  Yea!!!

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The World Backup Day
To mark the occasion of the World Backup Day and in a spirit of keeping things simple here's a discount code for Bvckup 2 - 


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