Elbowman offers website development services. I request donations starting at $500, to much more, for website development, depending on the complexity of the project and your needs.

 Look at this page, above, to the left, to the right, and below.  What you see are custom features I can use to design a website for you.

 In the scrolling images above you'll also notice several of the sites I've previously developed.


One of Joomla's major strengths is the ability to apply a design template that gives your entire website a common look and feel. There are hundreds, if not thousands, of design templates available to give your site that look and feel that presents your information in your personal style.

I use JoomlaShine as my primary source for quality design templates, along with Joomla51, although there are many other sources.

I use a JoomlaShine template 'Epic' on this site and on my garden club's site, and I use 'Boot' on the Blakley Brothers, Blakely Septic, and Burien Actors Theatre websites. As you navigate around this site you will witness many of its features. The garden club site is a private site, so most of the templates features are not visible to the general public. Inside this site, however, are strong photo gallery tools to display images from the gardens we visit, a calendaring tool to manage our annual schedules, and powerful tools to manage our group contact list as well as navigational tools to get each member from their current location to our tour destinations.

I use a Joomla51 template 'Oxygen' on my daughter-in-law's website, KirstyBowmanPhotography. She is a professional photographer and the Joomla51 based template showcases her photos. I use a photo gallery extension within the site to showcase her work called jAlbum.