A recent story on KING TV (king5.com) reminded me how prevasive data tracking is on the Internet.

The upshot of the story was that by using a web search tool (Google) to look for a new pair of black boots, and following a link to Macys.com to buy the boots, the reporter was tracked by 96 different companies after clicking on 4 links.

I had been thinking over the years that ad-blocker apps were detrimental to the 'free' Internet. A friend and I talked about this recently and he changed my perspective. And, he gave me two tools to help eliminate my web tracks. The two tools are 'Disconnect Me' and 'ublock origin'.

Depending on your web browser you'll have to install them in proper order to block tracking forever. (By the way I only recommend two web browsers. Firefox. Google Chrome.)

You can also get 'Disconnect Me' for Android phones. Unfortunately, 'uBlock Origin' is not available for Chrome on Android, only Firefox on Android.

Install Disconnect Me first, then ublock origin. Say goodbye to ads smile emoticon










Allow installation:
Navigate to your device’s Settings, select Security or Applications(depending on device) and check the Unknown Sources box.

We have to do this, because Disconnect is too private and secure for the Play Store.

Only available for Android 4.0 and higher
Date of most recent update to Disconnect Mobile: 
5/5/2015 (version 1.1.1 MD5=e653d91defd298dc2a08fa20c0670211).

From your android device visit 

 using your web browser:

Install and enjoy!

That’s it. You’re done. Sit back, relax and enjoy a more private and secure Internet!

    See more at CHROME.GOOGLE.COM