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My rate schedule is very simple.  I don't have one.  I only accept donations, and will consider trades of goods or services.

A reasonable* donation for computer support depends on how far I have to go, and how long it takes to resolve your issue.  I request a donation in the $35 - $50 an hour range.

(*A donation of $50, if I have to drive 30 minutes to your home, would be reasonable.  This allows me travel time from my home to yours', and at least one hour to spend working on your needs.)

A reasonable** donation for a website depends on the complexity of the site you want.

(**A reasonable donation for a simple blog using a basic free design template with few modifications might be $300.  While a complex site including photo gallery, calendaring, custom logos and custom design template modifications would begin at $500 and go up, depending on your requirements.)

Service Area

My service area is roughly anywhere 25 miles from my home, or less, excepting areas west of Puget Sound.

(Sorry Gig Harbor!  Sorry Vashon!)

Service Area MapService Area Map

Here should be the presentation of JSN UniForm,
but it is not installed on your website.

Download now

The form you see on this website is the Free Edition of another cool product JSN UniForm from JoomlaShine. Please click on the below button to check the PRO Edition of this extension.

See Demo     Buy now

JSN UniForm will bring you the new indulgence since you find out it is the easiest-to-use form extension for your site. Contact us, survey and job application are just some of thousand forms that this single extension can help you to create and control. Besides the intuitive drag-n-drop operation, flexible form presentation and multiple pages layout, JSN UniForm also assists you to deeply understand your collected data with the multiple admins email notification, clean result display or submission filter.

Below is the survey form created by the Free Edition of JSN UniForm.

Joomla forms builder by JoomlaShine

This extension is NOT included in the template package, but you can download it for free. Read more.

Here, wed like to show you how JSN Epic can be utilized for multiple kinds of websites, staring from simple personal website ending with professional news portal. All content are fictions and serves for demo purpose only.

  • News Portal / Online magazine
  • Personal website / Blog
  • Corporate website / Service providers
  • Community website / Fan clubs
  • Online shops

Here are some real life examples of JSN Epic.

Technical help for the technically challenged. Special help for senior computer users.

Hello!  I'm Lance Bowman.  L. Bowman.  Elbowman!  I do...


I consider myself a "Senior" Technology Advisor.  

You know... 

That old guy who knows how to build that website.  Clean up that old PC that's running slower each day.  Setup that new PC and wireless network.  Properly configure your new entertainment system so it looks and sounds it's best.

I'm here to help those who are threatened by technology, but find themselves in need of it.  If you're older you probably know what I mean.  

But, I'm not just here to help other older folks.  I'm here to help anyone who needs help mastering their world.  And, I'm affordable!

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